This is a harsh take and heavily reductionist. Just have bad days, y'know?

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That's why alimony hurts so much: She lived my dream then stole it from me.
I wanted to live minimally and retire early for years. Meanwhile my ex never worked full time and worked only when she wanted. Then took half the money in the divorce and 40% for the next four years.
She didn't even appreciate the fact that she was effectively retired because all she ever wanted was a baby. But I'm sterile so neither of us could give the other what they wanted.
Neither of us were mentally healthy enough.

Sudden cash hoard plan overview: 1. Invest everything in index funds
2. Set up auto withdrawal of total / 25 /12 (4% annual deposited monthly)
3. Stick to a budget to give away everything each month.

So for the current Powerball's $127M payout, that's $85.7M after tax and $285,750 each month.

I don't know where the message that guys can/should be socially aggressive comes from. I've strongly internalized the message that everything I do socially, especially regarding strangers, is creepy.

There are a lot of movie tie-in games for the SNES which I imagine would be too hard to license. Square sells a lot of their SNES games already, so probably not those one either. And some of the above games are by defunct studios. All the more reason to limit copyright. It's been 25-30 years.

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There's probably a ton of licensing issues with the old SNES games, but my list of games that should be on the Switch: Earthworm Jim 1/2, Super Mario RPG, Earthbound, ActRaiser/Soulblazer, Terranigma, EVO, Gemfire, Lufia 1/2, Bomberman, Uniracer, Clayfighter, Zombies ate my neighbors, 7th Saga, Brain Lord, Pocky & Rocky.

As part of this, I haven't learned to live for myself except at a low effort level.

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Various work benefits vesting: Aug 2022
End of alimony: June 2022
Two years of habitation in condo to skip taxes: Oct 2022
Things are looking up for living on the road.

In a thread discussing climbing the ladder from poor to successful and the roles of luck and work, someone said, "Saying you got lucky doesn't diminish your hard work. It just makes the result hard to replicate."
I like that.

It really is crazy how much my childhood memories have deteriorated over the last 10 years. Getting old and having depression will do that to you.

Last week in online dating someone kept throwing out overt flirts. "Hey handsome" "Are you wearing jammies? Ooooh" I didn't know how to react and I wasn't feeling it so I just ignored it.

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I don't have enough experience being around flirting to have a sufficient behavioral model to participate in it.

Policy that helps us reach equality won't be the same as the policy that maintains it.

Parler may be down but do you know what isn't? BkE baby!

Nihilism plus quarantine has leads to hedonism. My lack of sensuality makes me shift it into playing so many video games.

You ever have random mundane memories pop up? I just remembered a specific Dune 2000 Ordos campaign mission that I had trouble with. No idea why.

It's low level enough that it hasn't bothered me in a long time, but apparently there's still enough in there to dream about.
And I certainly have gained new skills every year of my life. And there's always more.

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Dream: Over the course of years, I carved a plaque as part of an event. When someone else finally saw it, it was large, intricate, old, and low quality.
The main feelings were confusion that I had this plaque since I was a kid, but for only 5 years, but I'm 34, and subsequent embarrassment because it looked like it was made by a kid.

My main takeaway is my anxiety that I'm not a kid, and haven't been for a long time. Time is passing and I'm getting old and have no skills to show for it.

Went on dates with 5 people in 5 years of college. Went on dates with 8 people in 2019. Still baffled when people go on more dates.

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